How to Import Mailbox From Thunderbird to Outlook

How To Import Mailbox From Thunderbird To Outlook

How to Import Mailbox From Thunderbird to Outlook

The blog discusses about the step-by-step solution to export Thunderbird mailboxes in Outlook. A foolproof method is provided in the page, which is suggested by majority of users in today’s date.

Thunderbird is an open source email client, which is beneficial generally for home-based or small enterprise user. When talking about large or medium scale business clients, Microsoft Outlook proves to be reliable email program. It provides many professional features, contributing in the commercial enhancement and ease in sending / receiving messages. To maintain stability in this competitive market, organizations are moving from Thunderbird to Outlook. At any point of time, clients can put forward a demand for solution to switch from Mozilla Thunderbird to MS Outlook. Now what? There is no availability of a direct workaround to accomplish this migration. A need arises to be aware from a way for MBOX to Outlook PST conversion.

Reason to Import Thunderbird Mailbox to Outlook

Migrating from Thunderbird to Outlook arises with a big question mark. What reasons cause need for such migration should be the main concern before, proceeding to its implementation. Well, Microsoft Outlook is an easy-to-use email application for business end users. It benefits a person with a user-friendly environment to handle bulk messages in the effortless way. In today’s scenario, crowd prefers to utilize Outlook for business as well as home purpose.

How to Import Thunderbird Emails to Outlook

The solution to transfer Thunderbird mailboxes to Outlook involves requirement of file location. The location where Thunderbird stores its database file is provided below:


At the decribed location, you will find MBOX file of Thunderbird. Now proceed further with provided direct solution.

DataHelp MBOX to PST Converter lets clients to directly transfer mailbox file of Thunderbird in Outlook. It processes the entire data transferring procedure without any data loss and in a professional manner. To determine how is such migration possible, you can follow the steps described below:

Step 1: Download the software at here:, then install and run. Either drag-and-drop or manually import the Thunderbird files in software panel. Once the files gets successfully added in the wizard, click on OK button


Step 2: Hit on Convert button from the resultant screen


Step 3: Utilize the Browse button for commanding the location to software where you want to save resultant file. At the end, click on OK for initiating process

Users need not to have any high level of knowledge about Outlook or Thunderbird for this direct procedure. The solution provided in this blog is designed with simplified interface. Apart from this, users can import multiple Thunderbird mailboxes to Outlook with help of this workaround. The measure recommended here is capable of overcoming all challenges faced at the time of importing Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook.


We can wind up with a thought that there is direct manual strategy by which users can import mailbox from Thunderbird to Outlook. Users have to use this software for the successfully importing MBOX files into Outlook. The solution is the choice of million of users around the world. So, without any doubt we can say that it is the safe and accurate solution to troubleshoot the discussed query.


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